Safety Resources Company of Ohio

Safety Resources Company of Ohio, Inc.

Safety Resources Company of Ohio, Inc. is a diverse safety consulting company in Canton, Ohio.  We specialize in safety assessments and audits, confined space services, industrial hygiene services, DOT and Non-DOT drug testing, safety equipment and air monitor rentals and sales, fit testing, fire extinguisher maintenance and sales, and customized safety manuals and policies.

Better Solutions - Greater Choices

Complete Safety Management Services Since 1993

Whether your business is Construction or Industry, we will help you create and implement practical solutions to health and safety hazards in the workplace.  Our Safety Consultants have over 150 years of combined experience; bringing extensive knowledge and professionalism to address your company's unique needs.  We can help you to comply with Federal, State and Local regulations as well as site specific and best practice safety standards.

Asking us to overlook a simple safety hazard is like asking us to compromise our entire attitude toward the value of your life.
— Cameron Speck, CEO & Founder