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Site Safety

Inspections & Audits

Detailed formal assessments to help you meet OSHA requirements.

Nothing is more important than the safety of your workers.

According to OSHA, frequent and regular site safety assessments must be performed to ensure the safety of your workers. At Safety Resources, our trained staff is available to provide detailed formal assessments and offer suggestions to improve the safety of your employees on the job to meet this requirement.

From job pre-planning and site preparation to final punch lists, we can provide you with guidelines and enforcement suggestions to ensure your site is in compliance.

Our job is to “major in the minor” so we offer a wide range of inspection services. While on site, our Safety Consultants observe, notate and photograph workplace hazards and non-compliant items including:

  • Recordkeeping

  • General Public Safety

  • Tool Safety

  • Personal Protective Equipment

  • Signage

  • Lead Exposure

  • Cranes & Slings

  • Steel Erection

  • Concrete & Masonry Construction

  • Asbestos & Silica Exposure

  • Respiratory Protection

  • Traffic Safety

  • Housekeeping

  • Fall Protection

  • Walking Working Surfaces

  • Electrical & GFCI's

  • Fire Hazards & Evacuation

  • Trenching & Excavating

  • Lockout Tagout

  • Hazardous Energy Control

  • Hazard Communication

  • Hot Work (Welding & Cutting)

  • Scaffolds, Ladders & Stairways

  • Motor Vehicle Safety

  • Confined Spaces

  • Machine Guarding

  • Demolition

Let us know what works for you. We work hard to make sure that site safety inspections can be provided at times and frequencies to fit your schedule and budget.

OSHA Compliance:

OSHA 1910.132(d)(2):

The employer shall verify that the required workplace hazard assessment has been performed through a written certification that identifies the workplace evaluated; the person certifying that the evaluation has been performed; the date(s) of the hazard assessment; and, which identifies the document as a certification of hazard assessment.

OSHA 1926.20(b):

Accident prevention responsibilities.

OSHA 1926.20(b)(1):

It shall be the responsibility of the employer to initiate and maintain such programs as may be necessary to comply with this part.

OSHA 1926.20(b)(2):

Such programs shall provide for frequent and regular inspections of the job sites, materials, and equipment to be made by competent persons designated by the employers.

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